Make a Guest post


5 things you need to know



why write

 Why write it?

  • Your profile:  This is a good way to get people’s attention, often senior ones; many people will hear about your post and may read it.
  • Influence: Persuade and influence without appearing self-promoting or  pushy. Send people a link and just add: “Thought you might like to see this”. Simple!
  • Share: You’ll be sharing your recent experiences, successes and wisdom with a targeted audience interested in leadership—who knows where that will lead!
  • Fly a kite: Try out your ideas, float some proposal, be provocative. Trust the universe to respond positively! 
  • Collaborate: Invite partnership over some project or issue in ethical leadership. This is the age of collaboration!
    Health warning! If you’re a PR company offering to write a post on behalf of a client please do not contact us. All posts are written by people with some real knowledge of ethical leadership or some aspect of it.  



what should I write about?

What should I write about?

  • “Don’t get it right, get it written! You can always refine it later and so can we!
  • Write on anything you feel strongly about–just make it relevant to ethical leadership.
  • You’ve been invited to write a guest post because I think you’ve something interesting to say! Say it!
  • Start with what you most care about right now, a problem, a dilemma, a success 
  • Choose something important currently on your radar.

who will read it

Who’ll read it?

  • People interested in the topic and ethical leadership.
  • We flag up Guest posts in the social media and on specialist interest groups at LinkedIn with some memberships reaching 20,000.
  • All your personal contacts and those you want to reach! Circulate the link to the published piece and it also helps build the site—a win/win!

Tips noteHow should I write it?

  • Keep the post short, between 500 to 800 words.
  • Some people will read your post on a mobile device. This cramps up text so limit your paragraphs to two or three lines only.
  • Our posts go through a wonderful check called AutoCrit.

    This highlights writing issues such as clichés, repeated phrases, over-used words and reports on readability. Try this free for up to 500 words, and needs minimal skill. You’ll be surprised at what it uncovers!

  • We aim for a high standard of clarity at the site, so expect your post to receive some professional editorial polishing—most people love the result!


What shall I do with my finished piece?

  • Send it as a Word document to
  • You’ll receive an acknowledgement within a few days.
  • Once published you’ll receive a mail saying it’s now live on the site.
  • Your post will appear on the Guest Page with your photo and job title, and if suitable, on the home page as a featured blog.

Any other questions? Feel free to ask. Otherwise…. Get writing! I’m really looking forward to hearing from you