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What do ethical business leaders do best?

Ethical leaders tend to run more profitable companies. Why? One reason is they usually show a strong personal commitment to affecting company culture. Equally important, there’s a positive link between a company with a strong affirming culture, and individual performance. These same leaders will therefore be good at installing or […]

Leaders and the nightmare of product recalls

In Charley and the Chocolate Factory, a few lucky customers discover in a candy bar a golden ticket for a guided tour of Wonkas’ magic manufacturing facilities. In contrast, recently a single luckless German buyer found a piece of plastic in his Mars product. Cue not for a factory tour, […]

Why reputational risk keeps grabbing the limelight

“The most valuable asset in the capitalist economy is not cash, stock or buildings, but trust.” Economist Intelligence Unit, Risk of Risks What would a serious blow to your company’s reputation cost? This was once a rather academic query–most organisations could afford to consign it to the back burner. Today […]