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        There’s so much noise on the internet…that eventually people will cherish a new commodity: Wisdom.” Common sense is a pre-requisite for the highest level of consciousness.” MichioMichio Kaku, Physics of the Future

            Yes, with  so much out there on both leadership and ethics you can soon get brain overload  trying to make sense of it all. That’s why this blog exists. It started as a result of work on the book Ethical Leadership and has developed since then.



    Most leaders and managers want to run a responsible business. “Ethics in Business” for example, is amongst the three most important in terms of its impact on workforce management. 1 Most alert business people know ethics has a big impact on brands and reputation. They also know ethics directly affects customer trust and investor confidence. Massive penalties both financial and in terms of reputation damage show clearly why ethics matters both to business and its leaders.

    Quite simply: business ethics isn’t only about “doing the right thing” or even avoiding the kind of scandals that can utterly devastate a company. It’s about good business.” 2


    The blog aims to offer wisdom, inspiration and common sense. The latter often comes in the form of simplification. That is, cutting through the jargon, convoluted prose and abstract thinking to explain and answer  issues of ethical leadership. Also the approach is one of “less is more”, finding and producing interesting and useful material, rather than adding sheer volume.   Of course there’s always more complex and lengthy material scattered across the web. Here though, expect practical help to keep you in touch with many of the major issues about running a responsible business. Fresh commentary appears weekly.  The USEFUL  section is a highly selective resource you can readily use and tell colleagues about. It aims to be a highly practical, not a comprehensive encyclopaedia.


    The Guest Post pages are where some great thinkers, activists and thought leaders choose to share their wisdom, and common sense with you. Would you like to write a Guest Post? If you do it gets quite a bit of coverage in the social media and we make sure it’s seen around. You can find details on writing a guest post and what’s needed on the Make a Guest Post page. This blog is also where you can ask questions about ethical leadership. You’ll receive an informed view to get you thinking and moving.


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    The site was chosen as one the top 20 best management/leadership sites by an independent study. The following is from the Editors of https://bizcatalyst360.com, a US syndication service for business articles:

    “Having published over 10,000 articles from across the global spectrum we’ve got a keen “editorial” perspective as the credibility, quality, and impact of content circulated. In this respect, the high calibre of Andrew’s original content is commendable in two respects: it cuts right to the point with considerable candour (no double talk or mincing of words) and equally it’s always backed by topical supporting references (news stories and other references). This refreshing approach distinguishes Andrew’s contents from the masses. We are proud to be associated with “thought leaders” such as Andrew.