Charisma Work Out # 5: Appearance and the ethical message

Work Out 5Your appearance can play a critical part in how much impact you make on others.

One way to strengthen your charisma is by paying close attention to how you look. This is about image, or demeanour –what people see when you are present.

Maybe this seems rather superficial. But how you come across, whether people listen to you or not, and the influence you exercise, can all be affected by the even trivial aspects of demeanour– that is, how you look and carry yourself.

Demeanour may sound like jargon and hard to nail down, but it starts with first impressions; based on them, people make assumptions about who you are and what you stand for.

For example, based on your demeanour those on the receiving end of it may start making assumptions about your economic status, your trustworthiness, your social status and so on:


Here is a simple work out you can use to review and perhaps adjust your current demeanour.


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