Charisma Work Out # 8: Attention and personal impact

Work Out 8Ethical leaders, compliance and advisory staff in the area of regulation need to influence others. This means developing a strong personal impact.

There are many ways to strengthen impact or charisma. One of the best is to give people your complete and undivided attention.Blinkers

Like donning horse blinkers, you shut out all distractions—those you want to influence entirely fill your vision. Three well tried ways of doing that are:


 Full attention

Look interestedLook interested: means being interested!

It’s how many successful people develop a strong charisma. If only briefly, they convey a genuine and rewarding interest in those they want to influence.

Dig deep enough and everyone reveals something curious about themselves, such as their desires, experience, and opinions.

Taking the trouble to discover what these are, can strengthen your charisma.

LListen activelyisten actively: means show you’re listening

If you listen to someone while tapping away at a keyboard or fiddling with a smart phone you send a clear message: “I’m not really paying attention”

Instead, develop the ability to listen actively. This is adopting a definite purpose for your listening and it can transform ordinary conversations.

You could listen for specific information, to solve a problem, to understand, to encourage.

Or you may have more subtle purposes such as listening for key phrases, descriptive or emotive words, tone of voice, pace of speech, speech patterns, metaphors, and use of images. Any of these may reveal what the person in thinking or feeling and suggest how you might respond appropriately.

Use namesUse names

It’s said the sweetest sound is hearing someone speaking your name. This is the second way to give people close attention and strengthen your charisma.

Do you remember people’s names or do you tend to instantly forget them most of the time?

“The main reason why people forget, is that they haven’t paid attention in the first place.”
Brain expert and writer Tony Buzan

Unless you have a medical condition, you can improve your recall for names with some easy, tried and tested ways such as these:

remember names

Using someone’s name sends the message you think they’re important.
Not using their name conveys the opposite message

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