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Has technology corrupted leadership?

By Andre van Heerden Our dependency on technology keeps growing. Yet no one seems to understand or control it. This makes us feel powerless and victimised: “We find it more and more difficult to achieve a sense of continuity, permanence, or connection with the world around us.” The Culture of […]

Outrage: the alternative to a Social Licence

by Katherine Teh-White, Managing Director, Futureye [spacer height=”20px”]Today, a Masai warrior with a cell phone has better access to information than Margaret Thatcher once had as Prime Minister in 1980s. [spacer height=”20px”]Instant information now erupts from some of the world’s poorest places, not just the richest. The right to it […]

Why Ethical Codes Crash and Burn

By Keith Edmonds, Consultant at Coverdale Organisation Ltd The attentive City audience knew something important was coming. Yet they also expected the usual Bank of England platitudes. Instead Marc Carney who heads up the bank was brutally frank “Capitalism is doomed if ethics vanish” [spacer height=”20px”]Mr Carney told his London […]


What drives business to behave ethically?

Guest post from Rick Keller, Executive Coach.  His company, The Healthy Business Doctor, consults with entrepreneurs, Florida firms, state and city governments, and Fortune 500 companies. Surveys come and go. Few make a lasting impact on our consciousness or actual working practices. When it comes to understanding what makes business […]

Pulling the fragments of ethical leadership together

One of the biggest challenges in leadership development right now is what Nick Petrie of The Center For Creative Leadership calls “Vertical Leadership Development.” Petrie describes programs that support vertical leader development. These have “less emphasis on the content to be poured into the leader, and more on the cup […]


Ethical Leadership and the Virtue of Error Tolerance

GUEST POST FROM Prof. Dr. Christoph Luetge, Chair of Business Ethics, Technical University of Munich Hollywood movies seldom paint realistic pictures of company life. They mostly portray employees and executives as caricatures. There are exceptions. Often these are  movies with serious defects such as plot holes and the like. I’m talking […]