Compliance, complexity and communicating with impact

Maynard Leigh Associates once employed a marketing manager who was brilliant at concepts. Give him any problem and he’d devise a graphic to describe the issue, with steps showing how to resolve it. This marketing “expert” though, proved hopeless at making anything happen in real life. His feet never seemed […]

ethical leadership

Does the ethical public relations leader exist?

Revelations about the PR firm Bell Pottinger, again raise the issue of what exactly is an ethical business leader?  Reports suggest this firm earned £100,000 a month in fees, running a secret campaign to stir up racial tension on behalf of its billionaire clients. Now the firm’s own future is […]

Goodbye to CSR, welcome to Social Commitment

  What made Body Shop special was a long-term company focus on a social commitment in business  Its charismatic founder Anita Roddick wanted to make a difference to how animals were treated. That is, not used for testing cosmetics. The firm’s reluctant owner L’Oréal got tired of poor sales, and has […]