There’s a startling disconnect between what so many organisations of all sizes say matters and their real-life actions. Perhaps the most brutal divergence is between the claim to value people in the organisation who speak up and what happens when they do. Whether these people offer creative solutions, point to […]


It’s illegal to drive on Britain’s roads without a driving licence. From 2nd April 2013 aspiring brokers and capital market traders must take the equivalent of a driving test. This assesses their ability to make ethical decisions; without a pass they cannot practice their trade. An ethical test, especially for […]


What will it take to be a successful leader in the next decade and beyond? This is the gist of our new book Leading the Way, recently published by Pearson FT. It was also the focus for a recent think tank bringing together a group of young people already marked […]

Ethics, What’s That?

What does it mean to be a responsible leader? One place perhaps not to look is towards Goldman Sachs. In the most recent example of the conflict between ethics and mammon, the investment leadership at the company clashed head on with the: “if it’s legal can we do it?” issue.  […]

Trust me I’m a Leader

Greg Clark, Britain’s new City minister recently put the message bluntly. Britain’s financial services industry needs to “re-build trust as a matter of urgency.”[1] Nor is it just the financial services experiencing a serious trust deficit. Numerous studies confirm trust of organisations and their leaders has taken a beating in […]

Too many leaders not enough leadership?

Earlier this year a report by the government’s Department for Business Innovation and Skills concluded: “There is clear and compelling evidence to show that failings in our leadership and management skills are holding back the UK’s competitiveness.” [1] We shouldn’t exactly be surprised. The training and development of UK managers […]