Charisma Work Out: # 12: Take centre stage with personal impact

Work Out 12Ethical leaders are ready to stand up for what they believe—to take centre stage.

Others with ethical responsibilities, such as compliance staff, or legal counsel cannot simply refer to rules or regulations and hope to gain enough traction or retain peoples’ interest..

Over half of all senior compliance staff for example, tend to present, or appear before their CEO and the board. Giving facts, listing issues, pointing to solutions should be enough, but experience shows this is not enough to gain influence and make a strong personal impact.

Apart from the facts, what matters is being willing to stand up for what you believe. It means you need to take centre stage to talk about and advise on ethics in the organisation.

Take centre stage2

Here are some simple steps for claiming the limelight:

Centre StageThe ability to communicate about ethics with a passion to which others will respond, demands more than just being clear.

If you want to inspire others–and that’s the only way you’ll really hold their attention—you have to find your own inspiration first.

When you communicate with passion, use appropriate body language, tell entertaining stories, and show empathy, these all affect how much impact you personally make.

Part of taking centre stage is continually building relationships with colleagues.Here are seven ways to help build better relationships

relationhip work outFinally, how essentially is a strong personal impact—a powerful charisma—for communicating the ethics message within an organisation?

Not so important say some critics—particularly if you seem to really care about the issues.

If you decide not to invest time growing your personal impact, here are seven specific actions to take instead.


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