Charisma Work Out # 3: Presence and communicating ethical issues

Work Out 3If you talk to and guide others about ethics in your particular organization, you need a strong personal presence, so you can convincingly clarify and persuade.

For example in a recent study, over half the Chief Compliance Officers had a seat on the executive management committee. Just over half said they regularly brief the board on the company’s overall ethics and structure.

Most CCOs, especially those in larger corporations, now have an opportunity to participate in high-level discussions about corporate strategy, values,and culture. To do that successfully just turning up is not enough.[1]

Presence is not just being present!

It’s about being in the here and now. What that means in practice is

  • Being super alert to your surroundings
  • Having a well-tuned sensory awareness

To experience both of these try this presence work out Presence Worlk Out

When you’re fully present you’re alert to your surroundings. You become more aware of atmosphere, hidden tensions, expectations, and even what some people may be thinking. You can’t do all of these every time you have an encounter with others at work. The exercise though, will help you feel the power of presence.

Presence is a state of being, not a technique or a trick. When you’re fully present in the company of others, they feel its intensity.

Consequently you’re more likely to be seen, heard, noticed, respected and acknowledged.

Explore the hidden you

Presence is all about self-awareness. Discovering how you may be sabotaging yourself can be an important way to enhance your presence with other people. 

To some extent, we all wear a mask to the outside world. What lies behind yours? 

If you seldom bother to take a long look, it can be revealing and useful to explore the hidden and perhaps uncomfortable parts of yourself. Why bother? Surely if you have tucked away part of yourself it must be for a good reason?

That may be true, but if these hidden parts either reduce your presence or could be used to enhance it, then exploring them could be extremely worthwhile.

“Well, what is my hidden self?”

Only you can answer that—otherwise it wouldn’t be hidden. It’s most likely to consist of some of those listed in the Hidden Self Work Out below.

Hidden Self Work Out

Person with notepadFind a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

Put a notepad and pen beside you. Use the list below to challenge your thinking.

Can you produce one or more examples about yourself and your life?

Hidden self






What does your list suggest about you? Is there anything on it that might affect how you behave with other people, either positively or negatively?

Give some thought to how you can use any fresh insights from this work out in your actual encounters with people at work.

1 In Focus: 2015 Compliance Trends Survey, Deloitte and Compliance Week


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