How Neuroscience can help ethical leaders–NEW WHITE PAPER

Following a four-part series on how neuroscience can help ethical leaders  now launches the full White Paper on

Neuroscience and Ethical Leaders CLICK HERE TO READ

The White Paper distils key neuroscience findings in recent years.Neuroscience Front Cover

“The brain has particular strengths around Speed, Complexity and Relationships. These influence how we behave and prove to be important drivers of how ethical leaders can make more impact in their organisations.”

The new free publication explains what neuroscience is all about, the issue of emotions versus logic and, zeroes in on “What brain science can tell us” so far.

Most significantly, it offers practical actions leaders and managers can use to enhance how they pursue ethics in their organisations.

Whether it’s using intuition to make ethical choices, adopting humour to make achieve more impact or learning how to control natural bias, the 31-page report offers highly specific areas for leadership action.

“Neuroscience is not for the faint hearted! Several neuroscience specialists were invited to check the early drafts but the paper is very much a personal interpretation. No doubt some experts will have issues with the findings but you have to take the rough with the smooth on something like this.”
Andrew Leigh, author of the White Paper

“The White Paper presents what seems to work for how ethical leaders can be more effective using some of the implications of current brain science. For example, we know the brain tends to rapidly classify people into whether they’re part of an in-group or an out-group. This has implications for how we deal with bias and the White Paper warns for example you can’t just think your bias and prejudices away.”

Or take complexity. Brain science shows powerful thinkers use elaborate gestures to get their brain-speedmessage of ethical concerns across to people.

One of the clear lessons from neuroscience is that a dry, neutral message such as “why ethics are important to our company” just won’t work. Instead, the way to succeed is to embody the message with every fibre of your being. In particular, find a visually powerful way to express your message, don’t just rely on words.”

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The new White Paper is the third published by the ethical leadership web site in recent months.The other two deal with

white paper

“Human Resources and the New Ethical Agenda”

while the “Five Pillars of Ethical Business Leadership” presents five powerful ways leaders can use to make sense of ethics in business.five pillars cover

The ethical leadership web site was recently listed as one of the top leadership and management web sites in an independent study by the company

The survey identified  20 of the “most insightful” sites and commented about that it “cuts through the white noise of internet chatter, to bring a clear sense of purpose and direction to leaders who want to do it right…. check out this excellent blog.”




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