Charisma Work Out # 9: Smile Slower

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Anyone wanting to promote an ethical organisation needs to grow their personal impact so as to exercise increased influence in this area.

One route to this is developing a natural tendency to smile.

“The best smile is the felt smile,” Paul Ekman, professor of psychology at the University of California

If you develop your personal impact you won’t need to remember to smile. Instead, it’ll be genuine and occur naturally. Why? Because, you’ll be enjoying yourself.
Why Smiling Works

Smile Facts

 Finding Your Inner Smile

To improve your personal impact start exploring your “Inner smile”.Inside out

Instead of ‘instructing’ your face muscles to move, you make contact with inner feelings—ones making you feel pleasant in some way, causing you to want to smile.

It could be a happy memory, a recall of an inspiring moment, remembering a favoured song, or perhaps just thinking about someone you love.

The inner smile makes you feel happy… and you naturally want to smile.

It’s neither flaky nor weird seeking your inner smile.

Sometimes its described as smiling from the heart, or smiling from inside. True, you can’t exactly measure it, and even if you could, it would hardly help.

Yet some of the sanest people on earth know the value of the inner smile and practice it assiduously. Some of those with the strongest personal impact rely on it to make the impact they need.

Inner Smile Work Out

Use your inner smile when you want to make a strong impression on people, when you need to use your full charisma.


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