Charisma Work Out #4: Status and ethical communication

CharismWork out 4a Work Out # 4: Status and ethical communication

When leaders and others talk about ethics they seldom  just explain just the rules or codes of practice.

They also talk about more demanding issues such as values, or what it means to run a responsible business. The readiness to share why such things matter demands a certain level of self esteem or self worth.

Adopting an assertive, self assured presence is therefore important for anyone dealing with ethical issues.

This fourth Charisma Work Out offer a way to practice thinking yourself into different levels of status. Perhaps is seems a slightly silly exercise. Yet it’s been used for many years and found to affect how people think about, and even adjust how they hold their status in front of others.

Status work out

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Why does status matter when it comes to ethics? One reason is people tend to argue more with those they regard as having relatively low status.This can make life a lot harder if, for example, you see yourself as a low level person dealing with some aspect of compliance.

Actors learn early in their training how to hold themselves on stage so that they appear physically imposing, or the reverse, walking as if they’re complete failures.

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