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When culture and values fail—what next?

The fall of John Stumpf, long serving CEO of Wells Fargo makes good headlines.   Some 5,000 or so employees fired for abusing the trust of the banks’ customers sounds even better.  It seems to show  a management on the war path. Is this the top team riding to the rescue […]

Why reputational risk keeps grabbing the limelight

“The most valuable asset in the capitalist economy is not cash, stock or buildings, but trust.” Economist Intelligence Unit, Risk of Risks What would a serious blow to your company’s reputation cost? This was once a rather academic query–most organisations could afford to consign it to the back burner. Today […]

Outrage: the alternative to a Social Licence

by Katherine Teh-White, Managing Director, Futureye [spacer height=”20px”]Today, a Masai warrior with a cell phone has better access to information than Margaret Thatcher once had as Prime Minister in 1980s. [spacer height=”20px”]Instant information now erupts from some of the world’s poorest places, not just the richest. The right to it […]