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crowd funding

Crowd funding is banned say Wells Fargo ethics guardians

“Don’t invest in crowd funding where you could be competing with our lending efforts.” Wells Fargo Ethics administrators recently sent every bank employee the equivalent of this message. Crowd funding raises cash by avoiding traditional lenders, like ordinary banks. Instead, the platform matches capital to private individuals. Good bye Wells […]

Resisting sleaze

Battle to kill sleaze heats up

Efforts to kill sleaze grew in 2013. Even China bashed big pharma over bribes for doctors. World regimes made fresh laws and vows to end kickbacks. “Corruption is enemy number one,” claimed a recent FT feature.[1] China is home of foul play in so many parts of public life. Now […]

Key indicators that can help business make sense of ethics

Ethical indices provide benchmarks for a company, but with more than 250 local and global ethical indices schemes to follow, a business may have trouble figuring out how it stacks up. These indices can be equally vexing for investors, who use them to determine what can be considered an “ethical investment.”  Phillippa Foster […]