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Training leaders to lead—time for a re-think?

How effective is the present investment in growing new leaders? US companies alone spend almost $14 billion annually on various forms of leadership development. In the UK only 7 percent of senior managers polled by a UK business school thought their companies developed global leaders effectively. Trust in leaders in […]

The financial Zeitgeist and eroding resistance to change

Anyone learning Chinese soon encounters the classic tale of Zhang Guiya a county magistrate patrolling government buildings.[spacer height=”20px”] He meets a minor official rapidly leaving the money vault.[spacer height=”20px”] “Why are you in such a hurry” asks the magistrate who subsequently finds a valuable metal piece hidden in the man’s head […]

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Business leaders not ready to lead in an ethical way

Guest blog from Kai Peters, Chief Executive of Ashridge Business School in Hertfordshire, UK. How ready are business leaders to lead in an ethical way? Our research suggests there’s far to go before most will handle the challenge of creating an ethical environment. For example, there must be commonly held values […]