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Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into

What’s another €94m fine between friends?  The latest penalties on several banks for fiddling interest rates by running a cartel, is hardly the stuff of headlines. J.P. Morgan, no paragon of ethical performance in recent years, must pay €61m for crooked behaviour involving Libor, from 2008-9. Yet can you envisage the […]

Time for bank leaders to pay the ultimate price

By Brooke Patterson[spacer height=”20px”]   “Tax evasion was the biggest mistake of my life” said Uli Hoeness, one-time  president and business chairman of Bayern Munich, the club he made into one of the world’s most-successful football dynasties. Earlier this year the contrite German boss said he would accept a three-and-a-half-year […]

The financial Zeitgeist and eroding resistance to change

Anyone learning Chinese soon encounters the classic tale of Zhang Guiya a county magistrate patrolling government buildings.[spacer height=”20px”] He meets a minor official rapidly leaving the money vault.[spacer height=”20px”] “Why are you in such a hurry” asks the magistrate who subsequently finds a valuable metal piece hidden in the man’s head […]

Accountability: When the CEO is a Houdini

Houdini turned escaping into an art form. Even now, his name conjures up someone good at extracting themselves from impossible situations, and not necessarily from hanging upside down while chained and manacled. [spacer height=”20px”]The latest company Houdinis are Credit Suisse’s CEO Brady Dougan and his chairman Urs Rohmer.  [spacer height=”20px”]Their […]