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Charisma Work Out #1: Time for a charisma makeover?

[wpanchor id=”anchor20″] In any expert or leadership role you also need to take care of who you are and how you come across. We’re talking here about personal impact—the effect you have on others. Expertise isn’t enough to exercise influence in an organisation.  Similarly, just because you’re a leader, manager […]

Millennials under stress—an ethical red flag?

Almost everyone these days suffers from some form of stress. A few psychologists even argue being human is to suffer stress. But then some of them will say anything for a headline. The real issue is the strong evidence of Millennials experiencing more than their fair share of stress. “They’re […]

How to cure wilful blindness

There’s a disease eating away at many organisations. It has many names, but the best of them is “wilful blindness.” Another is conscious avoidance or ostrich tendency. Whatever you choose to call this insidious behaviour it’s about not asking too many questions, refusing to know and acknowledge what’s going on […]