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Gravitas meter

Charisma Work Out # 13: Gravitas

  “I recently interviewed for director level job and passed all criteria except one; gravitas (or lack of).” Source: https://tinyurl.com/q9au5m3 Do you advise on compliance or some aspect of ethics in a company? If so, you may well talk to senior people, or even the Board, while not perhaps being […]

Charisma Work Out # 2: Personal impact check out

In any expert or leadership role you can’t rely entirely on what you know, or your status. We’re talking here about personal impact—what effect you have on others. This is sometimes called Charisma. We each have a supply of this, though the exact amount varies hugely from person to person. […]

Millennials under stress—an ethical red flag?

Almost everyone these days suffers from some form of stress. A few psychologists even argue being human is to suffer stress. But then some of them will say anything for a headline. The real issue is the strong evidence of Millennials experiencing more than their fair share of stress. “They’re […]