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Dive into this new report on Regulatory Reform

Sometimes a one page summary just won’t do. This comprehensive report from Thomson Reuters presents the State of Regulatory Reform 2016 and goes both deep and wide. It traverses the entire landscape of international regulatory reform, with mainly easy-to-follow analysis. Plunging into the full 35 page report may feel a […]

Charisma Work Out # 2: Personal impact check out

In any expert or leadership role you can’t rely entirely on what you know, or your status. We’re talking here about personal impact—what effect you have on others. This is sometimes called Charisma. We each have a supply of this, though the exact amount varies hugely from person to person. […]


Keeping the sustainability plate spinning

All company directors and leaders juggle many plates, all spinning simultaneously. One of the most challenging plates is labelled “Sustainability” and is about ways of affecting all company activities. It is also about achieving corporate ethical respectability. But what does sustainability mean in practice? How do leaders and managers know […]