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Customers get the worse deal as stakeholders

Misleading customers can be an expensive luxury. In 2013 for example, fines for swindling their customers cost Npower nearly £4 million in 2013, Scottish Power  £8.5m, Tesco £300,000, AXA £1.8million. This month, March 2014, Toyota admitted misleading customers and agreed a huge $1.2 Billion criminal fine.   Also this month in […]


Shredding no longer a simple, innocent action

Shredding Enron documents virtually destroyed Arthur Anderson, a once world-class consultancy. The latest news about shredding of committee minutes about Forex at the Bank of England may not be in the same league. Such activity though, could undermine the integrity and reputation of the bank. This danger explains why the […]


A Cure for Compliance “Groundhog Day”

Guest post from Jim Nortz, Compliance & Ethics Consultant and Educator, Institute for Priority Thinking & EthicsPoll    For over a decade business has heard the drumbeat of enforcement actions by regulators. The reaction of companies reminds me of the movie Groundhog Day. In this the doomed hero lives the same day over and […]

More investment in ethics, but where is it going?

GUEST POST FROM Katherine Bradshaw, Communications Manager, Institute of Business Ethics Investment in corporate ethics programs has increased over the last three years, according to a recent survey by the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE). But what are companies spending it on? When the IBE first conducted research into this […]

Resisting sleaze

Battle to kill sleaze heats up

Efforts to kill sleaze grew in 2013. Even China bashed big pharma over bribes for doctors. World regimes made fresh laws and vows to end kickbacks. “Corruption is enemy number one,” claimed a recent FT feature.[1] China is home of foul play in so many parts of public life. Now […]