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Ethics are not just for the birds

Anyone who believes ethical leadership and ethics in business are a distraction from the main agenda of making money is sadly mistaken. Just about every part of the business sector seems riddled with enquiries, fines, regulatory cautions, severe loss of reputation, and even headline-inducing court cases. UK executives and firms […]

Excuse me, are you a crook?

It’s a word we’re used to seeing almost daily now—mi-selling. This week it was MPs lambasting high street banks and the financial regulator for failing to settle thousands of claims from small businesses. The victims had been “mis-sold” interest rate swops. When it comes to unethical business behaviour it’s time […]

Slap in the face for ethical investors

Troubles at the Co-op bank throw yet another spotlight on the merits or otherwise of ethical investing. The Bank previously made a proud name for itself as a leader in setting ethical standards for its investments. Its latest troubles are an unpleasant slap in the face for ethically-minded investors. For […]

Putting your reputation on the line

REPUTATIONS [1] “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it,” warned Warren Buffet, renowned for his long-term investment perspectives. “If you think about it for a moment,” he continued, “most people would do things differently.” His remark seems ever more apposite in the wake […]