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Excuse me, are you a crook?

It’s a word we’re used to seeing almost daily now—mi-selling. This week it was MPs lambasting high street banks and the financial regulator for failing to settle thousands of claims from small businesses. The victims had been “mis-sold” interest rate swops. When it comes to unethical business behaviour it’s time […]

The mind-blowing J.P.Morgan penalties

If anyone doubts ethical misbehaviour can be a costly corporate experience they should contact Mr Jamie Dimon, who currently runs J.P Morgan the major US bank. The extraordinary size of the financial penalties facing this organisation may have slipped your notice. But it’s estimated the fines or settlements faced by […]

A moral compass versus the wild, wild west

A bunch of financial traders in Singapore has just departed, been demoted, or been denied their bonus. So far, nothing new–it’s more of the same, and once again RBS in the firing line. [1] What’s particularly revealing about this latest exercise in closing yet another stable door after a bolted […]