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Training leaders to lead—time for a re-think?

How effective is the present investment in growing new leaders? US companies alone spend almost $14 billion annually on various forms of leadership development. In the UK only 7 percent of senior managers polled by a UK business school thought their companies developed global leaders effectively. Trust in leaders in […]

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Seven ways to cherish your company’s reputation

The big UK energy companies are in a reputation crisis. Nor are they alone. On average it takes four years to mend a broken reputation. Some companies never recover. From banks to health care, from security to food,  many firms and even industries have lost public trust. Most are trying to pick up […]

Why HR must be willing to show ethical leadership

EXPERTISE How crucial is HR to any company wanting to be seen as a responsible business? Some years back the answer would probably have been “not much.” Today, the situation is entirely different. Now HR can play at least six essential roles that potentially influence the approach of any business […]