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Why reputational risk keeps grabbing the limelight

“The most valuable asset in the capitalist economy is not cash, stock or buildings, but trust.” Economist Intelligence Unit, Risk of Risks What would a serious blow to your company’s reputation cost? This was once a rather academic query–most organisations could afford to consign it to the back burner. Today […]


How to restore Barclays’ soiled reputation

Responsible leadership is all about cherishing your reputation. Not just the perception of being ethical, but demonstrating this in action. Winning people’s trust stems from their experiences of your actions, not sound bites, assertions, or promises. There are few issues that are quite so challenging to manage as reputation. Corporate […]

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Seven ways to cherish your company’s reputation

The big UK energy companies are in a reputation crisis. Nor are they alone. On average it takes four years to mend a broken reputation. Some companies never recover. From banks to health care, from security to food,  many firms and even industries have lost public trust. Most are trying to pick up […]