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When competence is an ethical issue–Iain Duncan Smith must go

[spacer height=”20px”]If Iain Duncan Smith led a large commercial organisation he would now be looking for another job.[spacer height=”20px”] How long can this inept, discredited leader survive as head of the so-called Universal Benefits project?[spacer height=”20px”] A supposedly sensible rationalisation of the welfare system started three years ago has constantly […]

Accountability: When the CEO is a Houdini

Houdini turned escaping into an art form. Even now, his name conjures up someone good at extracting themselves from impossible situations, and not necessarily from hanging upside down while chained and manacled. [spacer height=”20px”]The latest company Houdinis are Credit Suisse’s CEO Brady Dougan and his chairman Urs Rohmer.  [spacer height=”20px”]Their […]