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ANALYSIS: Reputation Risk Handbook

“I’m as pure as the driven slush” quipped the much-quoted actress and libertine Tallulah Bankhead. Not only did she mean it, but other sharp comments built her reputation as one of the wits of Manhattan. She worked hard to polish and refine it. A new and useful handbook on reputation […]

Exclusive: Interview with “Reputation Risk” author

Andrew discusses with Andrea Bonime-Blanc, CEO of GEC Risk Advisory, her new handbook on: Reputation Risk–in an age of hyper-transparency.   See also Analysis: our review of her new handbook–due December 11th.   “Why did you decide to write this book  now, as opposed to say a year or so back–what has changed […]

Would the leader of an ethical global company please stand up

Is there an ethical global company anywhere? Currently we see vast swathes of the corporate world wilfully avoiding paying their proper share of taxes through avoidance schemes, mainly centred around Luxembourg. Meanwhile three quarters of the banking industry remains mired in never-ending fines for nefarious practices almost too numerous and complex to […]

Outrage: the alternative to a Social Licence

by Katherine Teh-White, Managing Director, Futureye [spacer height=”20px”]Today, a Masai warrior with a cell phone has better access to information than Margaret Thatcher once had as Prime Minister in 1980s. [spacer height=”20px”]Instant information now erupts from some of the world’s poorest places, not just the richest. The right to it […]

Why Ethical Codes Crash and Burn

By Keith Edmonds, Consultant at Coverdale Organisation Ltd The attentive City audience knew something important was coming. Yet they also expected the usual Bank of England platitudes. Instead Marc Carney who heads up the bank was brutally frank “Capitalism is doomed if ethics vanish” [spacer height=”20px”]Mr Carney told his London […]