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Slap in the face for ethical investors

Troubles at the Co-op bank throw yet another spotlight on the merits or otherwise of ethical investing. The Bank previously made a proud name for itself as a leader in setting ethical standards for its investments. Its latest troubles are an unpleasant slap in the face for ethically-minded investors. For […]

Should HR steer clear of ethics?

How central to an organisation is the role of human resources? Much hot air has been expended on this issue, particularly in recent years. It includes whether HR is fully represented at the highest levels, for example at board level, and if not why not. This acquires a new impetus […]

HR and taking an ethical lead

Back in 2010 a PWC report found a growing disconnect between corporate behaviour and ethical conduct. Perceptively it observed  this had “triggered a sense that global public trust in business has declined.” [i] Since then events have not exactly moved in the right direction. Numerous examples of bad corporate behaviour, plus […]