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Resisting sleaze

Battle to kill sleaze heats up

Efforts to kill sleaze grew in 2013. Even China bashed big pharma over bribes for doctors. World regimes made fresh laws and vows to end kickbacks. “Corruption is enemy number one,” claimed a recent FT feature.[1] China is home of foul play in so many parts of public life. Now […]

reputation balloon

Seven ways to cherish your company’s reputation

The big UK energy companies are in a reputation crisis. Nor are they alone. On average it takes four years to mend a broken reputation. Some companies never recover. From banks to health care, from security to food,  many firms and even industries have lost public trust. Most are trying to pick up […]

Smart meter danger notice

Smart Meters to be like the breast implant scandal?

Remember breast implants and how safe they were supposed to be? That sad story has topical relevance with utility companies wanting to install Smart meters in homes across the entire UK. Throughout the 1950s and the 1960s, plastic surgeons used synthetic fillers—including silicone injections given to some 50,000 women. At […]