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Would the leader of an ethical global company please stand up

Is there an ethical global company anywhere? Currently we see vast swathes of the corporate world wilfully avoiding paying their proper share of taxes through avoidance schemes, mainly centred around Luxembourg. Meanwhile three quarters of the banking industry remains mired in never-ending fines for nefarious practices almost too numerous and complex to […]

Another fine mess you’ve gotten us into

What’s another €94m fine between friends?  The latest penalties on several banks for fiddling interest rates by running a cartel, is hardly the stuff of headlines. J.P. Morgan, no paragon of ethical performance in recent years, must pay €61m for crooked behaviour involving Libor, from 2008-9. Yet can you envisage the […]


Ethical Leadership and the Virtue of Error Tolerance

GUEST POST FROM Prof. Dr. Christoph Luetge, Chair of Business Ethics, Technical University of Munich Hollywood movies seldom paint realistic pictures of company life. They mostly portray employees and executives as caricatures. There are exceptions. Often these are  movies with serious defects such as plot holes and the like. I’m talking […]