Ethical Leadership by Andrew Leigh, suggests ways in which leaders and managers can create and sustain an ethical  business culture.

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In an increasingly complex and fast changing world, the business world needs a better understanding of what it means to run a responsible business, how to promote an ethical culture, and how business leaders can develop their moral compass.

Ethical Leadership suggests ethical culture shows up in the actual behaviour and attitudes of all staff, rather than in policy documents. The book is full of practical strategies, case studies and action to  help leaders improve and manage ethical culture and climate in their organizations.

The book covers a wide range of useful topics such as:

leadership and ethics
employee engagement and ethics
communication and ethics
rewards an ethical culture brings to an organization
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Ethical Impact–DO IT NOW CARDS

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CHARISMA–or the power to make a strong personal impact

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Charisma by Andrew Leigh has direct relevance to those involved in ethics, and ethics programs.

It’s an essential read for ethical leaders in business and those working in the area of helping companies to stay compliant, and to act responsibly.

Charisma provides practical help in building one’s personal impact and gain influence.


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make an impact


Make an Impact
How compliance professionals can be more persuasive and influential.”

Make a stronger impression. Thirteen easy to follow chapters including: presence, status, appearance, rapport, body language, and conveying gravitas.
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Essential reading for compliance professionals who want to increase their influence and impact



Tone at the top

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This easy to read guide provides non executive directors with a route  map for playing their part in supporting Tone at the Top. Topics  include: Why is tone so important, how does tone happen, how do non  executive directors connect with tone, importance of the board and  mastering the culture.

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Ethical Impact Do It Now cards

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Making values matterWHITE PAPER : Making values matter 

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white paperWHITE PAPER: No Hiding Place–HR and the new ethical agenda

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FIVE PILLARS FRONT PAGEWHITE PAPER : 5 Pillars of Ethical Leadership

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Neuroscience Front CoverWHITE PAPER : Neuroscience and Ethical Leadership

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